Aramus FAQ

What is

An independent, peer-reviewed record label.  Aramus provides free mastering, editing, advertising, licensing, and distribution to artists whose recordings are accepted for publication through a blind peer-review screening process.

What does the name “Aramus” mean?

“Ara,” the Altar, is a small southern constellation in the Milky Way near Scorpius representing a gathering place of the Gods.  The folks at Aramus thought it an appropriately inspiring name for our small, but mighty, independent record label!

And, Aramus Guarana is the bird shown in our attractive logo.

Where can I listen to or download Aramus Recordings?

We distribute our recordings via Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, Google Play, and most other major streaming and music downloading services.

We also offer a collection of sample tracks on our YouTube Channel, but we would appreciate your listening to our complete albums on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play (not to be confused with YouTube), or any of the other major music services that pay fair royalties to artists.  YouTube is a wonderful service in many ways, but on the rare occasion that musicians earn royalties from YouTube streams, they are a tiny micro-percentage of the royalties paid by the other music-oriented streaming services.  Aramus relies 100% on streaming revenues and music downloads, supplemented by limited-edition CD sales, and we pass nearly all of our revenues on to our artists by covering publication costs and through profit sharing.  Please support future Aramus releases by signing up for a free account on Spotify, Deezer, or Google Play, or subscribing to Apple Music, or another streaming service of your choice.

Who can submit their music for publication through

Since its inception in 2011, Aramus has primarily published Classical music recordings.  We are also interested in publishing Jazz, Roots, Americana, Rock, Nature Soundscape recordings, and will listen with open ears to musical and sound recordings of all genres.

Before submitting your work to, please read our Submission Guidelines.

Contacting Aramus Recordings: If you have other questions about Aramus Recordings that aren’t answered in this FAQ, please click here to email us via our contact form:

Thank you for supporting!


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