High Resolution Audio

In the near future, all Aramus releases will be available as limited-edition flash memory albums, delivered on custom-made, reusable, credit-card sized flash memory drives. The personalized albums will be licensed to the purchaser, and will be downloadable to any computer, tablet, phone, or home audio system via a variety of audio apps.
High Resolution Flash Memory AlbumIf you would like to pre-order a high resolution version of any Aramus album, please fill out and submit the form below.  Please submit a separate form for each high resolution album.  When the drives are available, you will receive a PayPal invoice of $22 per release plus a $3 postage and handling fee per order.  Size permitting (2 GBs or less), multiple orders will be delivered on one drive ($22 for the first album, and $10 for additional albums):


All Aramus releases are available in 44.1 khz, 16-bit resolution.  Starting in 2019, whenever possible we will offer a minimum of 48 khz, 24-bit resolution, with some releases offered at 96 or 192 khz.  Please note that resolutions higher than CD quality may not be compatible with some playback devices.

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