Borderlands Music Festival

Join Aramus Recordings and the Borderlands International Music Festival in celebrating our great country’s diversity with multi-genre concerts and jam sessions (November 1-7, 2020).

Our 100% volunteer staff is working on events in San Diego/Tijuana, Nogales AZ/Sonora, Buffalo/Niagara, and other border communities of North America featuring collaborations between Mexician, American, and Canadian musicians and composers.

In order to help raise funds for housing and transportation for festival musicians and volunteers, will donate 100% of the label’s profits in 2018 and 2019 to the Borderlands 2020 festival.  Please stream or download our releases on Apple Music, Spotify, GooglePlay, and other leading online music providers.  Each track played generates funds for the festival!


While living in political exile from his homeland, the famous cellist Pablo Casals performed the traditional Catalan folk song “Song of the Birds” hundreds of times to protest the racist regime of Spanish dictator Francisco Franco.  Listen to cellist John Haines-Eitzen’s arrangement for solo cello from his Global Music Awards gold medal winning album “Spanish and Italian music for solo cello” by clicking one of the links below:

click here to play “Song of the Birds” on Spotify 

click here to play or download “Song of the Birds” on Apple Music

click here to play or download “Song of the Birds” on Amazon

100% of this album’s profits are donated to the Borderlands International Music Festival. 

Please consider participating in the Borderlands Festival as a performer, volunteer, or donor!  Click here for more information at

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